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Mistress Lucrezia's Dungeon.
59 Minutes 640x480
19 April 2007
The Mistress is wearing a breathtaking dress: black, tightly adhering and promising from what can be seen from suitably tailored mesh inserts. Her body is slim and clearly great care is spent for her appearance. Her legs are bare and she wears black and shining stiletto shoes. The slave is on the floor, wearing a collar and blindfolded. The Mistress lets him feel her feet on his back, for some instants, and then she goes on hitting him with a paddle. The slave duly thanks for each stroke and everything seems to run smoothly, at least until the Mistress suddenly asks him if he has counted the strokes so far... But Mistress Lucrezia is far from being satisfied: she grasps him by his testicles and ties them. Not contented, she puts him on a leash fixed to the string she used to tie his testicles and then she sits again on his back. She torments him a bit and when she gets up she obtains the more humiliating stroll I ever seen: the slave is forced to “walk” on his knees taken by the leash: practically he is dragged by his testicles .... He must “walk” following his Mistress, obviously But our Mistress is a naughty one : she is already tired of seeing the slave on the floor, therefore she positions him on a rack, a position which gives her the advantage of having every part of the slave’s body for her disposal: nipples included, which she soon starts torturing, first with her nails and then applying pincers. But this is still not enough; she attaches some weights to the pincers. In her opinion the slave is not suffering enough, not sufficiently whacked and therefore she takes her acuminated wheel and runs it over his nipples, already tense close to paroxysm, and then on his penis, which is now turgid This disturbs her: how does the slave dare having an erection? She will see to it and will make him bring his desire to an end, she promises. And she keeps her promise : she takes a tray full of assorted pincers and she asks him where he would like to have the first pincers applied. TAhe slave, distressed, is not able to reply and gives an answer only after she insists and consents so to have her torture his penis, which we see quickly loosing his turgidity as soon as the strong hold of the pincers brings forth the first moaning of the slave: but this is just the beginning as twelve pincers will be applied to the soft flesh of the penis and testicles...But before applying weights to the pincers, a string is fixed to the same and thereby the penis is pulled upwards ... by the pincers Wax cannot be missed, obviously, so the Mistress lights a big white candle and starts dropping generously wax on his testicles and on his buttocks. As we all know very well, the pincers are painful at the time they are applied, but are even more painful when removed: and it is just at this point that the slave cannot repress his laments as the cruel dominant does not remove the pincers with care but first twists them or pulls the flesh and so imparts some more pain to a part of his body so much hurt by the bite of the pincers.
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Wide screen format. Download the Video

Mistress Lilith, beautiful and cruel, punishes two slaves.
91 Minutes 640x480
8th November 2006
An administrator with rather ambiguous manners appears at the door of a beautiful tenant who apparently has delayed the payment of the rent and, as the tenant does not seem to be ready to pay, the administrator suggests another kind of payment, lets say a payment in kind. The tenant agrees but only under certain conditions and here begins the submission of the administrator who, captivated by the beauty and fine manners of the lady, ends with calling her Mistress. Thus brought into slavery, the man is repeatedly trampled on and forced to adore and lick her boots and shoes, as well as her naked feet, and then, completely helpless, he undergoes any trampling that the Mistress imposes and not only trampling, kicking, nail scratching, whipping with his own belt, spanking. At the end of the treatment, the administrator is ready to revise the rent but the Mistress, to make sure that he achieves the right degree of humbleness, shuts him up into the wardrobe to wait for her turn, pondering. Go to review and photos

Wide screen format. Download the Video

The punishment, two Mistresses punish two slaves.
81 Minutes 640x480
9th August 2006
Two slim and exceedingly beautiful Mistresses and two slaves. This is the video we propose: pissing, whipping, testicles wax play, and also a long sodomization scene. The Mistresses will have no scruples in rivalling as to cruelty so that slaps, spits and even kicks on the balls will not be spared on the wretched slaves. The slaves will suffer a great deal and not only for physical reasons: one will undergo the torture of looking closely at the Mistress' sex, a few centimetres from his face, and the poor soul will dare imploring his Mistress for a kiss, just one ... Go to review and photos

Wide screen format. Download the video

Video Mistress Lilith I Mistress Lilith, I video con Miss Flo
73 Minutes 640x480
17th december 2006
Due schiavi vengono portati in un dungeon, nel quale vengono rinchiusi. Uno dei due subisce a lungo i tacchi delle due Mistress, che lo calpestano. Una delle Mistress, a piedi scalzi, gli sale addosso e gli impone di sopportare il suo peso, mentre l’altra si fa leccare i tacchi e le suole. Lo schiavo è steso a terra, nudo. La Mistress bionda si accarezza il sesso mentre lo tormenta con i propri tacchi, altissimi, mentre la Mistress bruna, a piedi scalzi, gli calpesta i testicoli ed il pene. Gli infilano in bocca tutte e cinque le dita del piede, costringendolo ad allargare la bocca per accoglierlo, lo schiaffeggiano, lo calpestano con i tacchi… Le due Mistress lo portano nel dungeon e lì giunte lo legano, per fustigarlo. Lo schiavo viene colpito con il flogger dalla Mistress bionda e con un paddle dalla Mistress bruna. Costei non si risparmia: lo graffia anche, fra un colpo e l’altro. Mentre uno schiavo resta legato alla X, le due Mistress si occupano dell’altro schiavo. La bionda usa come un cavallo a dondolo lo schiavo che, a quattro zampe, riceve una lunga serie di colpi prima solo dalla Mistress bruna e poi da entrambe. Lo schiavo a terra viene calpestato, i suoi testicoli schiacciati senza pietà dai bellissimi piedi della Mistress bionda… L’altra, intanto, graffia e colpisce lo schiavo legato alla X. Uno schiavo viene congedato, per la sua incapacità a leccare bene i piedi. Le due Mistress salgono sull’altro, steso a terra, schiacciandolo. La Mistress bionda si diverte a tirargli calci sui testicoli, per farlo sobbalzare, mentre gli grava addosso con tutto il suo peso, contemporaneamente alla Mistress bruna, che gli schiaccia anche il viso, sempre con i piedi. Prima di congedarsi, lo schiavo deve baciare i piedi ad entrambe e ringraziare. Scarica il Video
Video Padrona Sabrina Mistress Sabrina Video, domination amid smiles and cruelty
61 Minutes 640x480

After a few minutes we already know Mistress Sabrina: joyful, smiling and very cruel. Black underwear, red shoes with high heels, beautiful legs and prosperous breasts are a delightful vision. Her slave who is waiting naked and chained, soon perceives (or may be he has known since long) that under that smile, that serenity, a hard and cruel heart is hidden, really enjoying the suffering that she imposes teasingly to the slave To start with she applies on his fully erected penis a series of small metal clamps (tapestry clamps) all along the shaft and the neck of the glans penis. His pain is evident (and fully understandable), he is barely able to thank her for each clamp, but just as if this were nothing, she exacts the right words. Wax on his glans and then again metal clamps all along the shaft which, incredibly, stays erect. Little bell clamps are tightly fastened to his nipples. She masturbates him tenderly. Will it be painful with all that metal ware appended? But she doesn't care and always smiling she goes on adding to his actions words now sweet and now threatening. But she never threatens in vain. From words to facts the step is very short. It is impossible to describe what the poor slave - indeed very resistant - goes through with this Superb highly talented Mistress who exhibits an undoubted cruelty and fantasy. Download the Video
padrona Lucrezia Slaves in the cage for Mistress Lucrezia
78 Minutes 640x480

Superb and irresistible, Mistress Lucrezia walks around her well equipped dungeon where a naked slave has been waiting for who know how long. Thrown to the floor, the poor thing does his best with long lickings to her boots as well as licking the Queen's feet, while she is sitting on her throne. Out of gratitude (?) she subjects him to a long and cruel whipping applied with great strength, with strokes on his whole body. Then she seems to change and become good-hearted. Sitting on her throne while he is standing in front of her, she masturbates him tenderly obtaining a powerful erection. So there she starts hitting the erected penis with heavy slaps and then she enjoys applying weights and a great number of little metal clamps (electrician's clamps) on his balls. Still not satisfied she turns to hitting with her boots his cock and balls with all the clamps and covering his glans with wax. But the torments for the poor slave are not over as Mistress Lucrezia now really takes pleasure in it. And she enjoys inventing other tortures bonding him to the torture table. The end is a surprise with a long shower (drunk) and with something more solid, of which we can catch a glimpse. Download the Video
padrona isabella One day in service of Mistress Isabella
79 Minutes 640x480

Mistress Isabella wakes up and from his bed calls his butler who quickly comes. Is Mistress Isabel in a bad mood today or is she always like that? Or actually her butler is as idiot and inadequate as she says? We look at the daily routine, like going to the bathroom, having a bath in the tub, being dried up and massaged... The butler tries to execute the orders at his best but Mistress Isabella shouts at the top of her voice and nothing is all right. She does not like how he applies the nail polish, how he massages her feet, how he dries her when she gets out of the tub, how he stands as a carpet. Everything is wrong! Inevitable insults, derision, sarcasm, and whipping follow. The day would be boring if she hadn't the butler-toy to relieve her rage and boredom. And so Isabella invents amusing punishments based on clamps, whipping of the man's soles, belt strokes on his back, tiring positions with her sitting on him, needles for pricking him here and there. She lets us admire her flexuous body, tall and perfectly fit. But besides her beauty one cannot but appreciate her authentic vein of sadism and her biting irony which culminates in a genuine laugh when he must pull his briefs down. At the end a long whipping scene with a long lash. Download the Video

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